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DeAnza is an associate licensed therapist located in the Greenlake neighborhood of Seattle.  She graduated from the Seattle School of Theology & Psychology in 2003 with an MA in Counseling Psychology.  For the past 10 years she practiced therapy as a private practitioner, a pastor of a multi-cultural church and counselor for non-profits (Friends of Youth & Self-Managed Housing Program) providing outreach to men and women who are suffering with homelessness.

During her time at Quest Church as Pastor of Compassion and Justice she served 400+  congregants and led in the efforts of outreach to homeless communities and started The Bridge Care Center, the day drop-in center for men and women who are homeless in Ballard.  It’s through these experiences where her understanding regarding the oppressive nature of poverty & displacement broadened and informed her life’s work and passion– finding pathways to inclusivity for those marginalized.

She currently is a doctoral candidate in International Psychology with a concentration on Women and Trauma.

She has a special interest for people who have experienced abuse in church, family and community settings including: spiritual, sexual and emotional and who desire to explore and maintain their faith, perspectives of the world and identity, but feel marginalized in these settings.

DeAnza loves to dance barefoot with her babies, cook comfort food while sipping wine and attempt to bend herself in Bikram Yoga (Yoga in a 105+ degree heated room) while maintaining a happy & contented face.

Her passions consist of good friends, great food, family, deep conversations about theology, politics, philosophy, psychology, art, race, gender, music, justice & compassion and more.  She is a singer song writer and enjoys the process of expressing and connecting through voice.  She loves to paint, write, read, create and dance.

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